October 22, 2014

Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs: Get your business to the next stage

As social media gets integrated into our lifestyle, its significance as a platform and a tool for marketing has increased manyfold. Social media offers a cost effective mechanism for interaction with customers for the purpose of product and brand communication, product promotion or effective customer service management. The lack of a financial obligation adds to the appeal of this medium apart from the fact that it offers an opportunity to … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Facebook Page Stand Out – A Better Small Business Facebook Page

The rise and rise of Facebook continues unabated, and it has moved well beyond just being a social network, it’s also a vital marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. While most businesses have taken the first step of setting up a standard Facebook page which includes a feed of comments, photos and helps them gather fans; few have taken their Facebook pages to the next level. The first step to making your small businesses Facebook … [Read more...]