October 21, 2014

Hulu Sets Ad Impression Record In October

New comScore video data is out, and as usual, a few corporations traded places in terms of successfully attracting unique viewers.  The bigger story, though, may be the fact that Hulu showed its users over 1.1 billion ads in October, which is more than twice as many as the number two entity, Tremor Media Video Network. comScore called the 1.1 billion ads a record, and indeed, they represent an interesting milestone or two.  One … [Read more...]

Is a Shake-Up Brewing in the Search Market?

More WebProNews Videos Google has been dominating the search market for years. Simply put, if you ask most people to search for something on the web, their first instinct is to go to Google. More and more people might be getting reprogrammed to go to Bing, however. The "decision engine" still has a ways to go before it reaches Google-like numbers, but it's come a long way since its launch last year. The search market has also lost an … [Read more...]

Borders.com Rolls Out New Website

Borders.com has launched a new website featuring discounts on 100,000 bestselling titles, free shipping offers and new product lines. To promote the new website, Borders is offering free shipping on all orders placed on its site today. Borders Rewards Plus members receive free standard shipping  on their online orders and an additional 10 percent off the purchase price for most items. Members of the free Borders Rewards program also … [Read more...]

Facebook Unveils Social Inbox, Conversation History, and Yes, Facebook Email Addresses

Facebook made its big "email" announcement, and yes, you will be able to get an @facebook.com email address." It's not all about email, however, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained. It's about "seamless" integration across email, IM, SMS, and all these ways of communication.  It's also about "conversation history", meaning you can keep a running dialogue with everybody you can communicate with in a … [Read more...]

Marketing and Personal Implications of a Facebook Email Service

Rumor has it that Facebook will unveil its webmail product on Monday. That means look out Yahoo Mail. Look out Hotmail, and more interestingly in the grand scheme of things, look out Gmail.  > Update: Read today's article on the announcent of @facebook.com I was going to wait until the official announcement from Facebook on Monday to talk about this, so we can get all the real details about what this will entail, but as long as the cat's … [Read more...]

eBay Launches “Love To Give” Holiday Shopping Campaign

eBay has introduced its “Love to Give” holiday shopping campaign which focuses on what the company describes as “unwrap attacks,” emotional moments that happen when someone receives the perfect gift. eBay is calling on people to upload videos of their best unwrap attack moment to its Love to Give gallery. Samantha Bee, correspondent on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” will report on unwrap attacks in an … [Read more...]

Hitwise Supplies Info On Google-Facebook Email Clash

Many analysts believe that Facebook will essentially declare war on Google later today, launching an email product that will compete with - and perhaps overthrow - Gmail.  So this morning, Experian Hitwise Research Director Robin Goad weighed in with some stats pertaining to the possible conflict. Goad wrote, "As Facebook continues to grow it is increasingly becoming Google's closest rival."  Then he provided the graph below, … [Read more...]

Nuance PDF Reader Can Convert Files Accurately

Nuance, the company you probably know for their speech recognition software, has released a free PDF viewer for Windows that you may not only use for reading documents but for also converting PDFs into other formats. There’s plenty of competition in this space – there are desktop tools like Adobe Reader and Foxit that are also free and then you have online viewers where you can read PDF files directly in the browser without requiring … [Read more...]

Free PDF Printer for Web News Readers

novaPDF is a PDF printer driver that allows you create PDF documents from virtually any Windows program. You may use the software to convert web pages, emails, Office documents and any other file into the PDF format by simply selecting the “Print” command from the associated application. There are a couple of reasons why you want to install the novaPDF driver on your system. For instance, it can automatically append the PDF output to an … [Read more...]