September 17, 2014

Are you Trapped in the Bermuda Triangle of Productivity?

Do you also find yourself trapped in this Bermuda triangle of productivity? Here’s a one-click solution that should help you get back to work. Illustration by Fuchsia Macaree via @swissmiss and @brainpicker.       This article, titled Are you Trapped in the Bermuda Triangle of Productivity?, was originally published at Digital Inspiration under Productivity, Wide, Internet. … [Read more...]

A Transparent Lock for your Windows Computer

This looks like a regular desktop but it’s actually locked. Surprised? Read on.. Before leaving the desk, you can quickly lock your computer using the “Windows logo key + L” shortcut and that will prevent anyone else from using the system in your absence. However, if you have programs running on your computer that you want others to see while you are away but without giving them access to the system, try Clearlock. This is tiny Windows … [Read more...]

Your Facebook Friends as CAPTCHAs

Web applications often use CAPTCHAs to ensure that real human beings and not bots are using the system. These CAPTCHAs are mostly a combination of words that are distorted enough so that only human eyes can read and solve them. Facebook is however taking a more social approach to CATCHA solving. Traditional CAPTCHAs are often hard to solve and therefore Facebook is experimenting with social authentication where you don’t have to recognize … [Read more...]

How to Attach Files When Using Mail Merge in Gmail

Mail Merge helps you send personalized letters or email messages to a large group of people with little effort. The basic content of all these messages is similar but each will have information that is specific to the recipient (like their first name and salutation). Most web email programs don’t offer mail merge but you can take the help of Google Docs to create Mail Merge in Gmail. This is a simple Google Docs spreadsheet that reads email … [Read more...]

Get Ready to Buy Apple iPad in India

Apple will officially launch the iPad tablet in India on January 28th according to Radhika Sharma of The Economic Times. The first-generation iPad hit the U.S. retail stores in April 2010 (read hands-on review) and the India launch happens almost an year later, at a time when Apple is widely expected to release iPad 2 in Western markets. The good news is that, unlike the iPhone, Apple isn’t planning to charge a very high premium on … [Read more...]

Happy Republic Day!

As India celebrates her 62nd Republic Day today, do watch this inspirational video of kids ‘silently’ singing our national anthem. There's something special about it. The Silent Indian National Anthem Thank you Sonal Kapoor for sharing this!       This article, titled Happy Republic Day!, was originally published at Digital Inspiration under Personal, India. … [Read more...]

How to Use Google Cloud Print from the Desktop

Google Cloud Print is a new service that will help you print emails, documents and other files from any mobile phone or computer that’s connected to the Internet.  You don’t need any special hardware or print drivers – just a regular printer and a Windows computer that is running the latest version of Google Chrome browser. It takes no more than a minute to setup Google Cloud Print. Launch Google Chrome on your computer that’s connected … [Read more...]

Where are People Checking-In Around the World

Location based services like Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places help you let the world know where you are with your mobile phone. These services aren’t as popular as web email (for obvious reasons) but have managed to pull in a decent number of users in a relatively short period. Foursquare, which is currently leading the race, has 6 million users who checked-in some 381 million times in the previous year. This check-in data is now … [Read more...]

Upload Files to your Dropbox Folder by Email

Nearly every web application that offers some sort of cloud-based storage space – look at YouTube, Flickr, Facebook or Scribd -- support file uploads via email. You get a unique email address and any files that you send to this address are uploaded to your online account. This is handy for a couple of reasons. You can upload files from your mobile phone by simply attaching them to an email address without requiring any specific app. If you are … [Read more...]

Bring Facebook to your Desktop [Windows and Mac]

If you have that constant urge to check Facebook after every few minutes, switch to Facebook Desktop and never launch the browser again. Facebook Desktop is a light-weight client that sits in your system try, like any other messenger software, and will alert you as soon as some new activity happens in your Facebook stream. The alerts are presented as unobtrusive pop-ups on the desktop that automatically fade after some time. Facebook Desktop is … [Read more...]