October 21, 2014

Reducing the Yahoo-to-adCenter Campaign Friction

As you may know, the Yahoo and Microsoft advertising transition is complete. Yahoo and Microsoft paid search advertisers must use adCenter to manage their campaigns. But how smooth has the transition been for advertisers?  WebProNews took a few moments to talk about the transition with PPC expert Christine Churchill of Key Relevance at PubCon in Las Vegas. "One of the things that we've done to help clients move and transition over to … [Read more...]

Google India To Hire "Hundreds Of Engineers"

Google India's HR managers may be in for a hectic time.  Days after Google announced $1,000 bonuses and ten percent raises for all the company's workers, a high-ranking employee has committed to hiring at least 200 engineers in the country. Peeyush Ranjan, Google India's head of research and development, told the Economic Times, "Between Google Bangalore and Hyderabad, we have a team of about 300 engineers working on the cloud … [Read more...]

Think the Big Brands Got it Great in Search?

There's no question that big brands often rank very well in search, but you might be surprised at just how difficult it is to scale SEO for large sites and to get the right wheels in motion for big companies.  Challenges of Scale Bill Hunt of Back Azimuth Consulting knows a lot about it. "Scale is the big point, so when we're talking about that, take somebody like Procter and Gamble - hundreds of thousands of products around the … [Read more...]

Facebook Commits To Second Custom Data Center

Early this year, Facebook announced that it would build its first custom data center in Oregon.  Then, in August, Facebook announced that it would more than double the size of the still-under-construction facility.  And now the company's charged forward yet again, committing to build a $450 million data center in North Carolina. The Rutherford Data Center should be built in Forest City, North Carolina, to be exact, at the site of a … [Read more...]

What Does The Future Of Search Look Like?

Tim Mayer, the former head of search product and business at Yahoo, spoke in the keynote session “Future of Search: Mobile, Social, and Vertical.” Coverage of PubCon will continue at WebProNews Videos. Stay with WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week. Mayer said Bing is gaining ground and Google is responding with things like Google Instant.  There have been new and larger changes in search over the last … [Read more...]

Google Has Internal Debate About Content Farms as Spam, Cracks Down on Link Spam

As usual, Google's Matt Cutts had some interesting things to say, speaking at Pubcon in Las Vegas.  The biggest thing Google has probably done for its users recently is increase the speed of search results. Cutts referred to things like Caffeine, realtime search, Google Instant, Instant Previews, and Gmail's priority inbox as examples. Things like Twitter were making people expect things faster, he said. So that appears to be what Google … [Read more...]

FCC Acknowledges Google Street View Investigation

Google's winning streak with respect to the Street View privacy breach might be coming to an end.  Although the UK's Information Commissioner's Office and the Federal Trade Commission let the company off the hook, the Federal Communications Commission confirmed this week that it's started looking into the matter. Not much else is known about the new probe at this point.  We can suppose Google's admission that it collected "entire … [Read more...]

Splitting Up Your Social Strategy for Better Results

Marketing is about achieving goals, and that goes for social media marketing as well. In fact, you might say it's about "micro goals". At least that's what Jennifer Evans Laycock, President of SugarSpun Marketing says.  "The concept of micro goals is really about looking at all of the little things that can happen with your social media campaigns," she told WebProNews in an interview at PubCon in Las Vegas. "So we … [Read more...]

Fox Jumps On The "Block Google TV" Bandwagon

Much like its competitors (ABC, CBS, and NBC) Fox has decided to block Google TV from accessing its website to stream video content. Currently if you go to any of the networks website you’re met with an error message that reads, “This content is not compatible with your device“. Does it make any sense that networks are blocking content from Google TV? Tell us your thoughts. It looks like Google has a long negotiating road ahead … [Read more...]